Sisterhood Events
The sisters of Alpha Phi enjoy a variety of sisterhood events together including our annual pool party, cupcake decorating at Jilly's Cupcake Bar, ice skating in Forest Park, movie nights at the AMC, private Zumba classes, daily lunches in the DUC, and more!
Social Events
Spending time with sisters is an important part of being an Alpha Phi, and what better way to do it than with social functions? In addition to hosting mixers with other Greek organizations, Alpha Phi has at least four date functions each year. Last fall, we held two date functions: a set-up and Halloween function, and Semi-formal at the end of the semester. In the spring, Alpha Phi held a date function and a celebration of the culmination of WashU's ThurtenE Carnival. Then, we ended the year with Formal! Our themes have included Opposites Attract, 90's, and the Roaring Twenties, just to name a few.


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A note from our Advisor:
Hi! My name is Sarah Benoist and I am the Chapter Advisor for Alpha Phi at Washington University. I was a member of the Theta Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi at Creighton University.  Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine life after college.  With Alpha Phi though you will have a strong network of Alumnae support, outstanding assistance programs and mentorship opportunities.  Alpha Phi has a strong network of alumnae within the sorority and opportunities do not stop after graduation.  The alumnae organization in St. Louis helps bridge mentoring opportunities between alumnae and collegiate members. The sisters of Alpha Phi at Washington University are supported by dedicated alumnae in areas of finance, recruitment, sisterhood and chapter programming.  The advisory board allows alumnae the opportunity to be mentors to the sisters of Alpha Phi at Washington University and to help the members grow in the Alpha Phi Values of: Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Loyalty and Character Development.  Alpha Phi sisterhood is for a lifetime. It is our hope that your Alpha Phi experience does not end when you graduate.  Our network of direct alumnae support is very strong and we are always looking for more alumnae volunteers.  If you would like to be part of the advisory board of Alpha Phi at Washington University and learn more of available advisory opportunities please contact me at:  In addition, we always love to have alumnae involved in our founder’s day, recruitment, initiation, and sisterhood events.  If you would like to receive email notifications of upcoming events on Wash. U’s campus, please contact me! 


Decorating Cupcakes at Jilly's Cupcakes

A Zumba group workout class

Annual Pool Party

A "Cops and Robbers" themed mixer

A flag football league

A coliseum-themed event celebrating Thurtene Carnival