Our Foundations
Phi Ball
Red Dress Gala
Our Foundations
Our chapter is committed to raising money for three philanthropies that are very close to our hearts:
Emily and Gabby are two Alpha Phi sisters who passed away in the summer of 2012, and these funds have been established in their memories. The Alpha Phi Foundation is a granting institution allocating most of its money to educational and research organizations for women’s heart health. Heart Disease is the number one killer of women, more than all forms of cancer combined, and the Foundation has been ahead of its time in funding these worthwhile organizations. It provides leadership and educational opportunities, encourages and recognizes superior scholarship, supports women’s cardiac health, educates women about the value of philanthropy, and assists members in need. Most importantly, the Foundation is responsible for the Heart to Heart grant, a $100,000 contribution given to the organizations that are doing the most innovative research in improving women’s heart health.
The Emily Benatar Memorial Fund,
and The Gabrielle Reuveni Memorial Gift Fund
The Alpha Phi Foundation, 


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Phi Ball
Heart Health Week is the week before Phi Ball every September. Its purpose is to educate the entire Washington University campus and wider Saint Louis Area about the importance of heart health. During the week, the Greek community competes to be the most charitable and heart healthy. Students attend restaurants benefits, buy t-shirts, participate in penny wars, and donate to our charities. The week raises money and awareness surrounding our philanthropy.
Phi Ball, the culmination of Heart Health week, is our annual kickball tournament open to all of WashU greek life. The sporting event involves more than 500 students, giving the WashU community a chance to get their heart rates up. It is filled with lots of great food, music and cheer. For years it has been one of the most exciting, anticipated events of the year.
Red Dress Gala
Red Dress Gala is by far our largest philanthropic event, occuring each September. Families, friends and alumnae are invited to enjoy an elegant evening of food, drink and fun at a formal venue. It is held during our annual Parents and Family weekend which provides a wonderful opportunity to give our families a taste of Alpha Phi. The event includes a silent auction, a raffle, presentations from a variety of speakers, acapella performances, and of course, dancing. Red Dress is where we show our Alpha Phi spirit and support. 
In 2014, we raised over $8,000 and this past year, 2015, we raised over $16,000.
We are proud to be able to support Women's Heart Health through the Alpha Phi Foundation.
Thurtene Carnival
ThurtenE Carnival is one of the oldest and most celebrated traditions  at Wash U. Every spring, this three-day carnival offers games, food, plays, and rides to both Wash U. students and to the greater St. Louis community. In the months leading up to the carnival, Greek organizations partner up and work together to raise money for the charities of their choice. Each Greek pairing celebrates this season of fundraising by planning and building a unique themed structure for the carnival.
This year we joined forces with our new partner, the brothers of Sigma Chi. To contribute to the carnival, we constructed a cost-effective and kid-friendly structure: a "coliseum" with the theme of Ancient Greece. Leading up to the carnival, we planned several hands-on service projects and benefit nights throughout the semester to get into the spirit of philanthropy and raise money. The spirit of ThurtenE is and has always been about philanthropy, and we strove to see those values reflected in our efforts this past spring semester – we are proud to say we raised $8,000 for Alpha Phi and Sigma Chi's philanthropies.